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10th Nov 2020

Against the backdrop of what will become one of the most memorable US presidential elections ever, we find ourselves slipping into another lockdown. It all feels very different this time round, the schools are open and anyone who can work from home was already doing it. If it wasn't for all the fun stuff being closed and panic buying you would never know, a handy tip for anyone reading this is to do your shopping at your local shop, the shelves are fully stocked.

We're making our little online shop a permanent fixture and we're up grading it in collaboration with The Himalayan Spice Co, which to be honest is also part of our family. There's been a lot of hair pulling and grimacing while we've we've been working to banish gremlins, happily we will be going live on the 10th November. The plan is to be more than a shop, for a start we have ready meals, spices, homewares and recipes, then it gets exciting, for us at least as we discover where this new project will take us. Our deliveries will be starting again on the 11th November and we are adding click and collect to your options. You will be able to order up until 12 noon for same day delivery/collection.

On the home front we've settled back into the lockdown rhythm very quickly, poor Nyima, our 4 legged family member, managed to get herself tangled in barbed wire and now has lots of stitches and a cone. To add to her sorrows that means no dog walks for her, you can see her internal spring winding itself almost to breaking point. It's a scary prospect planning where to take her for the first walk, she is going to go crazy and then some. Walking without a dog has meant we've been able to explore some of the beautiful places we discovered during our deliveries on the first lockdown. Autumn has been stunning this year, there will be posts and recipes from Sarahs Kitchen Travels - close to home, coming in the next few days complete with some new recipes for you to try.

Who else is in the happy situation of still reaping the rewards of their first lockdown garden efforts? Actually we have more things ready to harvest than we did last time, just as well we're home to cook it all. The Kale is doing well and it will still be good for the restaurant after lockdown, hopefully we'll have some beetroot left although we are eating a fair bit here. We'll definitely have to grow more courgettes next year, the pakoras were really popular again this season, it's such a great feeling growing our own ingredients.

Thank you everyone who has donated to YYY Foundation recently. Your help was very much needed and the money put to great use. We have been able to provide basic food rations and personal hygiene kits to 68 families in Ukhubari who were left destitute after the landslide that destroyed their homes killing 32 people. It was devastating to hear that children from the school we have been helping were amongst the dead, we will be visiting the school as soon as we can travel.

Thank you everyone for all the support you have given us we are so touched.

Sarah & Sera

Useful links: shop for goodies from us and The Himalayan Spice Company