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30th Nov 2023


Christmas without the faff, whilst this is a 2 day process that's simply because the fruit needs to soak.

First day


150g | 5 oz raisins
150g |5 ozsultanas
100g |3 ozcurrants
65g |2 ozmixed candied peel
85g |3 ozlight muscovado sugar
1 cox eating apple
teaspoonChai mountain masala or mixed spice,
60ml | cupbrandy
60ml | cupmedium sherry
1 orange zest


Core and grate the apple then place it with all the ingredients a mixing bowl. Stir the ingredients well then cover the bowl and leave it on the side until the next day. Giving the fruit a stir whenever you walk past will help to infuse the fruit evenly.

Next day

100g |3 ozsalted butter

Pre-heat your oven to120C | 110C fan | 250F | Gas mark | Very slow

Break the butter into small nuggets, there's no need to be precise. Tip the infused fruit into a steep sided baking tray, spread the fruit out and scatter the butter nuggets over the top. Bake for 20 minutes until the butter melts and a little juice starts to run from the fruit. Give the mincemeat a good stir to make sure the butter and juice are evenly mixed in. Allow to cool and spoon into jars. The mincemeat is ready to use in a week. That really is all there is to it.

This isn't meant to be a keeping mincemeat, it will keep well for a month in the fridge.


Medium sherry - masala wine, medium vermouth (red)

Brandy - calvados, rum (rum will make the mincemeat sweeter so you could cut down the muscovado sugar by if you don't want the extra sweetness)

Orange zest - lemon zest