Yak Yeti Yak Flavours

Our menu is a comprehensive introduction to Nepalese food with faithful reproductions of favourite classic recipes sitting alongside some unique family favourites of our own creation.  We hope you enjoy our easy going style, mixing traditional and modern.

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Our signature dishes


The mention of the word Momo is enough to turn even the most hardened Nepali misty eyed. Bite sized steamed dumplings, we specialise in high Himalayan aromatic pork filled momos and, a modern classic, mixed vegetable momos.



These crispy vegetable nuggets so ingrained in Nepalese food culture but they’re often taken for granted. Not here, we take our pakoras very seriously whether they are the traditional mixed vegetable variety or our own interpretation, kale pakoras.


Yak Yeti Yak chicken

Unique to Yak Yeti Yak, we were inspired to create this by the original savoury chicken chilli bar snack of Kathmandu hole in the wall bars.  Delicately flavoured with ginger and garlic this is a mild dish.  Of course we also have the chilli version for chilli fans.


Chocolate, ginger and chilli ice

Sweet, spicy and ice cold this is 100% creation, inspired by street coffee sellers in Kathmandu.


Kesariko dhai

Saffron infused yoghurt has graced the tables of Himalayan kings for generation and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a sublime combination that we prefer to honey and yoghurt.

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We are fully licensed and stock Nepalese speciality beers as well as local beer and cider.  We pride ourselves on our well balanced wine list that includes plenty of vegan options.  With a comprehensive list of cocktails and soft drinks that are unique to us there are options for everyone.

Our drinks menu


Group menus

We understand it can be stressful organising a group occasion, trying to co-ordinate all the different orders and remember what everyone is having.  Here are our specially selected menus for groups of 8 or more people.  Each menu has been carefully put together to offer the best balance and variety of dishes to share. So you can relax.

Our group and large party menus

Special Events

Supper clubs are where we take you on a journey across Nepal with dishes we've learned from locals.  We aim to cook dishes not on our restaurant menu, numbers will be strictly limited.

Our next event Saturday 23rd July, at New Mcdonalds farm we're doing a bit of extreme cooking on a fire pit, there will be 20 dishes from around Nepal.  We're raising money for YYY Foundation.  Tickets go on sale on the 1st July and numbers are strictly limited.