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Happy New Year 2022

2nd Jan 2022

Well that was quite a year wasn't it? We've learned to survive some pretty tough challenges and we couldn't have done it without all the support from you. Knowing we have amazingly supportive customers is what kept us going when things were looking bleak, thank you.

Yak Yeti Yak restaurant


Unbelievably we'll be 18 in March, a landmark we never expected to reach. To mark the occasion we're giving our menus a little face lift, nothing drastic. Our menu will change to offer you more seasonal ingredients and we have some unusual dishes on the way. Everyone knows about Jackfruit, a favourite in Nepal, but did you know the seeds also make a tasty curry.

children wearing YYY Foundation jackets

YYY Foundation

We will be heading back to Nepal, if we're allowed, in late spring. We've been away for too long and there is a lot for us to do for YYY Foundation. We have kept in touch by phone and the schools are doing well, Covid did take it's toll but we are all hoping they are through the worst of it. The children in the primary schools are as cute as always and we are looking forward to seeing them again when we take them the recourses to restock their tin box classrooms.

It's been 7 years since the major earthquakes and we have gone as far as is needed rebuilding schools. This year we plan to build on a project we started before Covid and introduce IT facilities into remote secondary schools. It will be quite a task that will include having to train teachers before we give the schools computers. Alongside IT we are putting together a program help girls stay in school, some of the areas we work in there's a 70% drop out of girls when they reach puberty. Our plan is to build separate toilets and washing facilities for girls in each of the schools we work with, there will be a series of workshops on women's health and every girl will receive an eco friendly sustainable feminine hygiene pack. Visit YYY Foundation

The Himalayan Spice Company Blackberry muffins

The Himalayan Spice Co

After a slow start, due to supply issues it feels great to get going. We have 6 spice blends for you to buy, they're all in one blends so you don't need to add other spices though you can if you want to. We've managed to publish around 25 recipes on our free recipe site so it is worth checking out. Later in the year once we visit Nepal we will be expanding the shop with hand picked kitchenware and household items.

Culinary Adventures Club section of the site is now live with well over 30 members only recipes and some know how tips already published for you. We're adding more recipes each month with further advice on cooking, our aim is to reach 100 recipes by summer and to keep growing from there. It takes time as we develop, photograph, and test every recipe we publish so we know they will work for you. Once we get back from Nepal and the online shop is packed with goodies your members 10% discount will apply to everything we sell, not just spices. Membership is 2.50 a month 50p of your membership goes to YYY Foundation to help fund our work in Nepal. Visit The Himalayan Spice Co

Wishing everyone the best of years

Sera, Sarah and the staff at Yak Yeti Yak

The trustees for YYY Foundation

Sarah and Helen from The Himalayan Spice Company

Woman cooking street food