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Covid 19 Regulations

2nd Dec 2020

We understand that there are many different views on this and that we may not all agree with the restrictions. Breaking the law on the current restrictions has serious consequences for us and could lead to us being fined up to 10,000. After the year we have had that would wipe us out. Respectfully, we have to insist that whatever your opinion you abide by the rules whilst you are with us.

Covid-19 Practice
Tables are separated by screens
Tables and chairs are sprayed and cleaned with sanitiser after each customer
All plates and cutlery are boil washed after being on tables regardless of whether they have been used or not
Staff wear masks or visors
Staff are required to sanitise their hands before serving food, after clearing dirties from tables and at regular intervals through out their shift
All menus are sanitised after each use
All public areas are cleaned daily and sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day

Yak Yeti Yak Covid-19 terms and conditions
If you have a covid positive test result you must cancel your booking and must not enter our premises
If you have any covid symptoms or are feeling unwell you must cancel your booking and must not enter our premises
On entering the building everyone is required to sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided
Everyone is required to checkin with the track and trace app, if you don't have the app you must leave your name and contact details
When walking around the building everyone must wear a mask, this includes trips to the toilet. The only exemptions are people who for medical reasons are unable to wear masks.
By booking a table with us customers are confirming that they are taking full responsibility to ensure that everyone in their party is from a single household or support bubble.

These rules are not what we want and we don't like having to enforce them, but they are necessary for the time being. We're looking forward to the time when we can delete this page.

Thanks for your understanding

Sera & Sarah