About Us

Our Story

Yak Yeti Yak began with our love of travel, meals and evenings spent in small teashops sharing food cooked by some of the worlds least known culinary heroes. After spending years as Himalayan guides we returned to the UK, we missed the food of the mountains and jungles of Nepal. At the time wasn’t anywhere we could go to get the true taste of home, so we set about learning to cook for ourselves. In 2003 we decided to share our love of Nepalese food and after selling our house to finance a restaurant, in 2004 we opened the doors to our first Yak Yeti Yak in a small tucked away basement on Argyle Street.

By 2007 we had outgrown our basement and moved to our current restaurant, in a basement in Pierrepont street where we have been ever since.


Our Food

Authenticity is at the centre of everything we do, every dish we serve has a history.  On our menu you will find faithful reproductions of favourite meals and contemporary interpretations of age old recipes, imaginatively recreated for todays tastes.

Stir-frying is a favourite cooking skill in Nepal and when skilfully done stir-frying creates the natural caramel that gives Nepalese food it’s amazing and unique flavours. We serve a variety of stir-fried dishes, just waiting for a warming bowl of dal to compliment them.

The Restaurant

We are in the basement of 3 Georgian town houses so we have several dining rooms each with its own character. One room is purely traditional with low tables and floor cushions for the full Nepalese experience.

Our walls covered with things we have collected on our travels, a rice dolly made by our cousin in the village and the Yak Yeti Yak banner that has been to the summit of Mt Everest.  Fish traps handmade by jungle fishermen and a wooden saddle from the nomadic tribesmen of the Tibetan plateau are among our collection of curiosities.  Everything has a story that we're happy to share.

YYY Foundation

In 2015 Central Nepal suffered it's worst series of earthquakes for 80 years leaving much of the country in ruins, millions were homeless and virtually every school North of Kathmandu was destroyed.

We started out with a collection to buy emergency relief and have kept going. We're now a fully registered charity and have helped rebuild 9 schools, held teacher training courses and we regularly give resources to schools in the poorest marginalised areas.