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Our Story

The Yak Yeti Yak story began with our love of travel, meals and evenings spent in small Himalayan teashops sharing food cooked by some of the worlds least known culinary heroes. After spending years as guides and wilderness cooks we decided to return for part of each year to the UK, the first few years were easy spending our winters in Nepal and summers in the UK.  You can’t beat a good British summer but there was one thing we both missed, the food of the mountains and jungles of Nepal. Hard as we tried we couldn’t find a restaurant serving true Nepalese food.

With our children starting school we had to decide where to settle down, we chose Bath and with that decision we took the risk and shared our love of Nepalese food.  In 2004 we opened the doors to our first Yak Yeti Yak restaurant in a small tucked away basement on Argyle Street.  Admittedly more through luck than judgement the people of Bath were willing try try a new cuisine, thankfully they liked it and by 2007 we had outgrown our basement.  We made the move across the river to another bigger basement and we’ve been here in Pierrepont Street ever since.

We have changed a little over the years, every 2-3 years we do a complete menu test.  Much of our menu is classic Nepalese and it’s not surprising that so many of our dishes have stood the test of time and remain on our menu, after all they’ve been served in Nepal for centuries.  There’s always space for new ideas that we pick up on our travels, watch out for some interesting specials every time we get back.

We are delighted to have won the Bath Life Restaurant of the Year Award 2023!

Pierrepont Street Restaurant

We’re in the basement of 3 Georgian town houses it’s a quirky set up of individual dinning areas including a dedicated floor cushion area and small courtyard garden. Every time we visit Nepal we bring back a little something to add to our random collection of interesting Nepalese bits and pieces, don’t quote us but we think we have the largest collection outside Nepal. 

YYY Foundation

25th April 2015 Nepal suffered the first of several devastating earthquakes. We can’t begin to describe how awful it was watching the places we knew and homes of friends crumble. Never in our wildest imaginings did we expect it to change our lives as much as it has. Within 6 months, what had started as a small scale collection had become a fully registered charity. Today, 9 years on we are busier than ever with projects to bring IT skills and work from home opportunities and end menstrual discrimination to remote overlooked communities. To read more visit our website here.

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